About Payr

How we help you pay and save at the same time. 


Next generation payment and saving

Payr is the next generation payment platform app empowering consumers to pay invoices in flexible and smart ways. Our customers can pay any invoice using bank account, debit or credit card or digital wallets, saving time and money. You can even save up bonus points on your credit card, while paying your regular invoices.

Payr also improves invoice payments by analyzing what you pay, and then providing suggestions on cheaper or better providers of the same service or product. We provide truly independent price and quality comparison, and also enable simple and fast switching directly in our app to providers that offer greater value to you. This makes it very simple for you to save or get better value, or both!

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Meet Our Fantastic Team

Meet our international and diverse team! We are all working from the office at MESH in Oslo, while representing 3 countries. We have an experienced management team with combined 8 exits between them, with backgrounds from entreprenuership, marketing/design, consulting in bank and finance tech, and Love Of Startups.

Board of Directors

Last but not least, we have a fantastically competent Board Of Directors. 

Our Partners

Just like the Payr-app itself and the user experience we are creating, only the best is good enough when it comes to our partners and your security. For example, to make double sure that we meet and comply with absolutely all aspects of rules and regulatory demands, we are working with Financial Compliance Group. FCG not only helps us meet all necessary demands for KYC, AML, PEP and so forth, but we are actually surpassing the standards that are set by authorities. In short: Payrs has secured partnerships and working relations with companies on every relevant part of the value chain that is needed to bring you top notch, fast, secure and reliable service.