Your Payr app has been upgraded. eFaktura is here!

Yvonne Edseth
06. november 2017
Today we are really happy to announce that Payr is the first non-bank to offer eFaktura payments! From now on you will get all your eFaktura(e-invoices) straight into your Payr app. This means that it is now even easier to pay with Payr. Just click the eFaktura and press pay.

Just as in your normal online bank, all your eFaktura will automatically show up in your Payr app. But, unlike your online bank you are able to pay these using your credit card. More bonus points for you ahead.

You will also be able to see your eFaktura with all details, and once you confirm your payment in the Payr app, it will  show as paid in your other online banks, so you don't have to worry about paying an invoice twice. And of course, like the paper invoices you pay in Payr, all the paid eFaktura will appear on your Payments timeline so you can easily get an overview of all payments you've made.

You can read more about it at, or in Finansavisen

Using Payr has never been this smooth 😎  


Want to get access to this feature? If you're already a payr, be sure to update to the latest version of the app, and you'll automatically get all your eFaktura straight into the app.

Still not a payr, but want an easy way of paying all your invoices? Download in App Store, completely free.

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