Google + Accenture + Payr = True

Espen Grimstad
01. februar 2017

Today, Payr took part in an exclusive panel debate along with many of the top Norwegian FinTech companies, facilitated by Accenture and Google.

There were some pretty interesting discussions about the FinTech-industry and how to best cooperate and/or deal with "the incumbent banks". We all shared some learnings from the different bumps we have hit during our respective roadmaps. And we talked our way through the top challenges we see for the industry and for our respective companies moving forward. Pretty honest, and pretty much how we like it.

Also, we booked some great follow-up meetings with relevant infrastructure partners to create even better ways of paying in the future and add value to our platform. 

At Payr we are already power-users of all the enterprise G-suite apps, Analytics and Google Cloud Platform, but still nice to be invited and start the day at the home of Google Norway!




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