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Happy Holidays!

Stine Grande
22. desember 2016


Payr would like to wish you, friends, family, partners and acquaintance a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year's. We hope you will be celebrating with the people you love and cherish the most. Eat your heart out, stress down and laugh a lot.

But please have a look around you in our stressful preparation of the festive holidays. Many people are lucky, but many people are less fortunate than yourself. Many people do not have anyone to celebrate Christmas with or a warm welcoming home to feel safe in. Si hi to people you meet, give a stranger a hug, give compliments and most important of all  - show respect. We are all humans and deserve the respect of others. Christmas should be about warmth, love and respect. We all want to be seen by others, and we all have a responsibility to pay that forward. 

A great example is to give someone that dreads Christmas a warm meal, buy =OSLO Christmas Book, donate to a charity organization you care for or just talk to someone new. 

Cheers from the Payr team. We love you! 


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