Introducing Smart Payments - a payment marketplace for the future

Yvonne Edseth
02. februar 2018
We´re kickstarting the new year by bringing you our biggest upgrade yet. All Payr users now have an easy way of comparing and switching to better and cheaper service providers, directly in the Payr app.

At Payr we are constantly looking to evolve the Payr app to provide all Payr users with a platform where you can easily manage and improve all of your personal finances. Because personal finances shouldn't be complicated. Neither should it be time consuming.

This is why we are now launching Smart Payments - a way for you to save on your bills with just a few easy steps.



What is Smart Payments, and how does it work?

Smart Payments is like a automatic marketplace for your invoices. Every time you pay a paper- or electronic invoice using Payr, we scan the market looking for better or cheaper service providers. If there is a better offer, you get it presented in-app with an explanation of the benefits of changing, so you know what's in it for you. For mobile plans that could for example mean a cheaper plan at the same terms, or more data included at the same price.

Like the deal you see? You can then easily switch right there and then, in the app.

If you don't, then simply dismiss it.

Read more about Payr and Smart Payments in Dagens Næringsliv:

Payr taper penger på å gi kundene enkel regningsbetaling, men skal tjene det inn på å krympe regningene. 


Can I get new deals on all my subscriptions and deals?

With this launch we will provide you with suggestions for better deals on mobile plans, insurance, credit cards and consumer loans. Soon we will also introduce Smart Payments for electricity.

Gradually we will roll out Smart Payments for more verticals, to cover most aspects of your financial life, from online subscriptions to mortgages. Our goal is to help you make the most of you money - from getting the cheapest mobile plan to the travel insurance with best coverage.


Why Smart Payments?

2 of out 10 Norwegians had “spending less money” on top of their New Year's Resolution list for 2018. And while spending less money on takeaways and cappuccinos at your local cafe will contribute to reducing your spending, how often do you consider the other sinkholes?

Cause there is potentially tens of thousands NOK to be saved each year on switching service providers. But as we all know finding the best and cheapest deals optimized for your use can be confusing, time consuming and frankly, boring. And something a lot of us never do, even though we know we should.

With Smart Payments we are radically simplifying the process for you, from comparing service providers to the actual switching. We hope this means we will contribute to lowering the unnecessary barriers so you can get more quality and value for your money.


What's the catch?

There is no catch. Changing providers using Smart Payments is completely free of charge for you. All you need to do is to download the latest version of Payr, and continuing using(or start using) Payr to pay your invoices. If you are satisfied with just paying your invoices with Payr you can choose to opt-out. You can also at any time opt-in or out of different verticals in your profile.

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PS! Transparency is key for Payr, and we want to be clear about how Payr makes money from this service. To be able to offer you the best deal, we have partnered with several service providers we believe bring the best value. If you choose to switch in-app to any of our partners Payr receive a commission. But you will be able to scroll through relevant service providers, no matter if they are a Payr partner or not. And no suppliers are allowed to pay for advertising or placement in Payr.


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