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Joining forces with Bedrebest

Yvonne Edseth
16. februar 2018

Following the recent launch of Smart Payments, we have another exciting announcement to make. Payr has acquired and thereby gets access to their price- and product comparison site, historical data as well as their very experienced team.

First things first: as a Payr user you will not notice any difference in the way you are using the Payr app today. Paying your bills will be just the same as it always has been, and we will still strive for transparency in everything we do.


Why did we decide to join forces with Bedrebest?

The short answer is: we believe this merge will give you as a Payr user a more complete and valuable service.

For the last 3 years, Bedrebest has helped people compare service providers within areas such as loans, insurance and electricity. On an annual basis they have helped 700 000 Norwegians through and the savings robot Even. The Bedrebest-team has a wealth of knowledge to draw from, and the merge will enable us to double down on our vision for Payr.


Accelerating the speed of new product releases

As we work on building a payment marketplace (we´ll talk more about that on a later occasion) the data Bedrebest have aggregated over the years will play a vital part in the development and improvement of new features we bring to you.

Some of the perks for you:

  • Early launch of Smart Payments. Using their existing product as a foundation for building Smart Payments, enabled us to launch this way ahead of schedule.
  • Today you can compare and switch mobile plans, insurance and credit cards/consumer loans in the Payr app, but thanks to Bedrebest, their team and rich datasets, more verticals will soon be introduced.
  • More accurate suggestions for products that fit your needs from day one.
  • Increased product team strength that enables us to build new and better features at a faster pace.


The team

As the fintech industry is rapidly changing getting the right people on the team will be crucial, and with the addition of the Bedrebest team we feel that we are going in the right direction.

Kyrre Andersen joins us as Chief Product Officer, and brings with him 15+ years of experience from the digital field. Before starting Bedrebest he worked several years as Marketing Manager at Citibank (Citi) and Gjensidige Bank. There he worked extensively with building growth through online customer acquisition and development of their digital platforms.


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