Payr approved by the financial supervisory authority

Espen Grimstad
03. februar 2017

After 276 days and a huge amount of effort, it's finally official: Payr has been granted approval by The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway! This means that as of right now we have the Payments Operator License necessary to bring our customers the first independent and flexible invoice payment app in Norway.

This is the best and biggest news so far this year, and we are so happy right now! This means we are able to move forward with our roadmap at full steam as planned🚀 Also, this confirms that we are in full compliance with all the regulations and laws that apply. Not bad for a rather small startup.

Of course, the license is not only mandatory to operate within the bank and payment infrastructure, but it is also a confirmation that our business model and systems are approved by one of the strictest financial regulatory bodies in the world.

We celebrated this very important milestone with some Cava (bootstrapped champagne) in plastic glasses. And some quick dancing on the desks. 

It´s been a fantastic ride so far, and we´re only just getting started!


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