Sandbox discussion at Futurebank 2017

Christian Westerberg Thoresen
13. februar 2017

Payr is happy to announce that we will be at the Futurebank 2017 event on Tuesday, February 14th. We will be taking part in a panel discussing how to make sure government and regulatory bodies become enablers of innovation in financial services, instead of stumbling blocks. Read more on the panel here: POLICY AND REGULATION - Regulatory Sandboxes

Our aim is to speak up for and support all the great Fintech startups and founders coming up in Norway, and hopefully make their lives a little bit easier when they start navigating the so-called "regulatory minefield". Obviously, we are not hardcore regulatory experts as many of the other participants, but we hope to contribute to the discussion from the startup and end-user perspectives.

FutureBank is the Nordic’s premiere fintech event, and will be held in Oslo on February 14th 2017. The event is expected to attract over 600 attendees, including tech start-ups and founders, CEOs and CTOs from Nordic banks, insurance, and technology companies, investors, politicians and media.

The State Secretary of Finance, the FSA, all the major banks and the best of the fintech challengers are among the speakers at the event. Other international speakers are Chris Skinner, Pascal Bouvier, Roy Vella and Ewan MacLeod. And last but not least, Payr:-)

Hope to see you there!

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