Payr gets access to eFaktura!

Christian Westerberg Thoresen
07. juli 2017
Payr becomes the first "non-bank" to offer eFaktura payments!

There are more than 3 million eFaktura users, who in 2016 received over 90 million digital bills. Only Norwegian banks have so far been allowed to offer their customers to pay these electronic invoices. Now, Payr have been cleared to become the first non-bank to offer full integration of eFaktura! 

Access to eFaktura comes as a result of approval from Bits and working with Nets on the back of our Payments Operator License from Finanstilsynet which Payr was granted in February. The integration will be used to give users a seamless experience paying invoices, with all e-invoices gathered in the Payr app, and will be implemented in the near future.

Important component

eFaktura is a very important component because it will make sure those who choose to use Payr does not have to migrate any invoices or set up anything in the Payr app; All e-invoices will just appear in the app, as these are already linked to your BankID. When you pay an e-invoice with Payr, it will also show as paid in your other online banks.

Our goal is to make it easier and faster for people to pay bills. Therefore, it is important for us not to make our own solutions and contribute to a more fragmented banking experience for people. In our opinion consumers should be able to have all their bills aggregated in one place and not have to deal with several different apps to get an overview of their financial situation

Espen Grimstad, CEO


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