Why we are merging with Hudya

15. juli 2019
We are merging with Hudya to simplify your financial life. Together we will put an end to cumbersome personal finances once and for all. 

Back when we founded Payr in 2016 we were 3 ambitious founders with big dreams and (some will say) a slightly crazy ambition to become one of the leading fintechs in the world. Months of user testing, coding and obscene amounts of coffee later we launched Payr: an app simplifying your bill payment.  

Fast forward 3 years: Payr counts 23 people in Norway and Poland, and our 40.000 registered users have paid bills for an amount well above NOK 1 billion. We have grown to become one of the leading fintechs in Norway, and we have won several Awards. We have been named one of the leading fintechs in the world by KPMG and H2 Ventures. We have celebrated huge milestones, and we have drowned our sorrows of things not going as planned in even more coffee.

Now the time has come for taking the next step, and we are really excited to tell you that we are merging with Hudya. Together we will work towards creating innovative solutions you can use in your everyday life.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Our goal has always been to offer smart solutions to an international audience, and by merging with Hudya we get the muscles and speed needed to do so. (How cool would it be to see a Payr ad the next time you go abroad and be able to say: "I was one of the first users" ?). This also gives us the chance to focus on building products for you.

Cause where we are good at building products, Hudya is equally good at distribution. Together we are better than we are on our own, and we will take your Payr experience to the next level. We will work on improving existing solutions, and we will explore new possibilities. Because you deserve only the best.

What does this mean for your Payr app?

This merger will not affect how you use Payr and the app will pretty much still look and feel the same(and when changes come we will of course let you know). Using Payr will still be free of charge, and we will still strive towards making great users experiences.

Just keep using Payr as you always have.


Keeping our focus on the things that matters

Even though this marks a huge milestone in Payr´s (relatively) short life, the journey is far from over. Going forward we will continue to stay true to our original goals:

  • Building financial solutions for your everyday life.
  • Helping you gain control of your finances.
  • Making tools that consider our personality and human differences.
  • Being transparent about what we do and why. 

Hudya who?

Hudya is a forward-looking Norwegian company operating in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. They share our goal of saving consumers time and money, and they have built a unique digital platform where they have gathered services for both individuals and businesses. Together, we will work towards creating and distributing services at a low cost regardless of country, starting in Scandinavia.

This is just the 1st step.

We are excited for the future, and we really hope you will join the journey!

Help us kickstart the journey

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