Shit is getting real. Payr is Funding and Launching.

Espen Grimstad
02. desember 2016

10 months of bootstrapping and founder funding is approaching it's end, as Payr gets ready to launch and complete our first seed investment round. It's been a fantastic ride so far, with pivots and tuning and learning as we have built and validated our concept.

It's been challenging of course; our 12 person team has had it's early days and late nights, bugs, code and design issues, frustrating risk & compliance regulations, legacy interbank system and constant iterations. To name a few. Actually, we learned so much from all our prototyping, user testing, sprinting and polling that we already have tons of features we didn't even think of in the beginning. These features are now high priority moving ahead. But first we have to go to market with our first plan, or Payr One, as we named it.

So, now it's getting really, really real. Lately we've been all over the place, pitching and meeting in New York, Stockholm and Helsinki and more. Back home in Oslo we killed it in the finals at Oslo Innovation Week, among other things being rated top five of all 100+ startups, and nr 1 out of all the Fintech startups in the screening process for DNB NXT by investors and entrepreneurs worldwide. We didn´t win in the finals, but it felt like it. Oh, and we've recently secured 60k € in grants and matching funds as well. Free money is good money, so thanks Innovation Norway.

Now, we are raising our first round of external investments at 300 000€. And it's going great! We are almost fully committed already, and we are getting relevant introductions daily. Once we have the final payment operator licence from the Norwegian Financial Authority and we have launched the Payr One app, we will be raising another round of 900 000€ in Q1. So, we want to make sure that we already in our first seed round have the smartest and best investors on board. Is that you, you say? Well, do contact us at or and let's talk!


Espen Grimstad, CEO


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