Open Banking, CPH and more

Yvonne Edseth
26. mai 2017

While it has been somewhat quiet on our blog lately, that does not mean that we are lazing around. Quite the contrary; Things have been crazy hectic at the Payr office. Not only is the team in the last stages of finishing the brand new Payr app, but we have also attended several events to talk about Payr and showing off our app and prototypes of upcoming features.

Prototype demo and debate on Open Banking

Payr pitching at Open Banking Event

On Monday we were invited to present at Oslo StartUp Day: Fintech & Open Banking, hosted by the new Kulturhuset, powered by Oslo Business Region and The Factory. Kulturhuset was packed with people from both the banking industry and startup scene, so it´s obvious that Open Banking is a theme that engages people.

Our CEO Espen presented Payr and how we plan to utilise the upcoming PSD2 directive, that allows 3rd parties like Payr to get data that only the banks could access before, enabling us to create new and better banking services. We also participated in an engaging debate on the opportunities and challenges of Open Banking alongside NETS, Nordea, BankAxept and Spiff.

Thanks to Oslo Business Region and The Factory for getting the opportunity to debate with some of the biggest companies in the Norwegian and Nordic banking industry!

PS! Look out for some pretty interesting news about NETS at our blog in the next few days...


Pitching for top Danish angel investors at Founders House 

Rumours on our imminent launch has been spreading, and over the past months we have been lucky enough to have been invited to present Payr in several cities around the world, among others New York, Stockholm, London and Helsinki. On Tuesday our CMO Christian was in Copenhagen, pitching and attending a dinner hosted by Danish Business Angels and Founders House, in what is becoming a long line of visits abroad for the Payr team. As the only Norwegian startup we were invited to present in front of Denmarks biggest business angel network, and rumour has it it was a record attendance!

Denmark, you were great! It was our first time presenting Payr in Denmark, but hopefully it won´t be the last. Thank you Founders House and Danish Business Angels for having us, and thank you Mesh for connecting ! (We also had some interesting one-on-one conversations with the angel investors at the dinner afterwards, which is great considering that we are preparing for our next funding round!)

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