Playing Lean

Christian Westerberg Thoresen
10. februar 2017

We had a great time Playing Lean with Nets the other day at Mesh. Both Payr and Nets are already to some extent using Lean principles in our daily work, but we thought we might refresh our skills and learn some more while having fun. Playing Lean is a board game teaching, especially for start ups but very relevant for bigger coprporations as well. 

The game is basically about how to get from an idea to a winning product, as fast as you can. The players are forced to make difficult decisions, risking their company cashflow, wasting time or worst of all, shipping out products or feature that the market does not want. Relevant scenarios and real life examples are used throughout, and this is really great for learning and discussing best practice and lean methodology! As with any good board game session, we had some food and nice liquids for us to enjoy while we were playing. 

Thank you Nets for wanting to play with us, we had so much fun! Looking forward to the next time we will play and hopefully win again! Also, big thanks to Magnus Ramstad Dahl that facilitated the game like a boss.

And let's just say - not so surprised that the girls won #Femtechpower.


Payr and Nets teams playing lean


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