We´re raising our payment limits

Yvonne Edseth
31. januar 2018

We´ve had many of you contacting us asking if and when we will raise our payment limits. We are therefore pleased to announce that as of today you can pay even higher amounts using Payr without getting the 1% fee on top 👌

You can now pay feeless up to NOK 30 000 per 30 days in the Payr app, up from the old limit of NOK 20 000. When we first released the app in July, the limit was NOK 10 000.

The maximum payment limit has also been raised, and you can now pay up to NOK 150 000 per 30 days.

We´ve always been transparent about why this fee occur when you hit a certain limit. As you use your credit- or debit card to pay your invoices in Payr, we pay a card transaction fee. Most of the fees we absorb ourselves, but to cover some of the cost in a fair way, and to build Payr into a sustainable business, we have added this fee.

Our goal is to reduce or remove the fee in a not too distant future.


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Help us make Payr even better

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Any upgrade of existing features we haven't thought about? Any new features which would make your personal economy even easier to handle?

Please share your thoughts with us, and let's build the product you want and need together.


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