The Design Sprint

Åste Laberg
06. februar 2017

Things are moving at the speed of light at Payr right now! Recently our product development team ran through a Design Sprint researching some new features, based on a method developed by Google Ventures. We finished the week strong with users testing and evaluating the prototype.

How the sprint steps are build up

The whole idea of a five-day intense Sprint is to give you an answer to your idea(s), instead of going around in endless debate cycle, debating the same thing for weeks and months. The sprint gives you a sort of superpower; instead of working on long-term goal, concept & idea, prototyping, design and test it over weeks and months in different teams (with meetings eating up your time) – you all take one week off to focus on a Sprint and do it all in five days.

The Sprint focuses on one part of the process each day, Monday is spent creating a big picture of what you’re trying to solve. By the end of the day, the decider (or dictator as we prefer to say) will choose a focus for this Sprint. Tuesday is the creative day, where you share inspiration, and then spend the rest of the day drawing as mad men. Wednesday is the day where you and your team critique and praise the solutions you have come up with, edit, and map out a storyboard for the prototype. On Thursday it's time to build a prototype trying to make it as close to the product as you imagine, and make sure you get to test some of the big questions you have. The last day, Friday, it's all set for consumer testing and feedback. You will interview consumers and the whole team will learn by watching them react and criticize the prototype. By the end of the day, the team meets up and conclude the big findings, which in reality are the findings from the whole week.

"Thinking about running a Sprint? DO IT!"

We found that the concept we tested was definitely something our potential consumers found useful, but the design, the flow, and the information in the prototype was making them uneasy. One week later we had made a redesign of the prototype and tested it again. This time we’d managed to reassure the users, making sure that they felt secure despite facing a service they don't know from before. Next up we’re digging deeper into details and we’ll continue testing as we go.

We would like to give big hand to all the testers helping us out in the process! You’re all giving us valuable information that we would not have managed to get hold of in any other way.

Thinking about running a Sprint? DO IT! It’s a feeling of moving at the speed of light when it comes to a design process.



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