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Get help switching to better-suited providers and deals, manage your money and pay your invoices in seconds with Payr.

Take control by requesting offers and deals

If you already know you don't have the best deal you can at any time request new offers from providers in the app.

You will be asked to fill in information about your current usage, and we will get to work. Within short time we will present you new and better-suited deals and providers, which you can seamlessly switch to in-app. 

Today we can help you find new providers of electricity, mobile, refinancing and insurance. And more to come soon!     

Offer Request- request better deals from the providers

Find your true financial self

Payr is the 1st financial service in Europe allowing you to test and find your economical profile using psychology. By answering a few questions in the app you will end up with one of 12 profiles.

How does this benefit you? This helps us understand you, both from a personal and financial perspective, so we can cater to both. We will be able to suggest providers that fits both your values, economy and personality, so you get the providers that makes you satisfied long-term.

The test is based on the renowned HEXACO model of personality structure, where Payr look at 6 dimensions of your personality to determine your profile. 

Find your economical profile

Fast and flexible invoice payments

Paying invoices is a bore, especially if you still receive the odd paper invoice. Luckily you can use Payr to get the invoices out of the way in seconds. Pay your paper invoices using your mobile camera, and receive all your electronic invoices in the app. Both are paid with a few clicks.

  • Add invoice details with your mobile camera
  • Use your preferred debit- or credit card to pay
  • Customise the payment date
  • Supports electronic invoices (eFaktura)
Flexible payments with Payr

Get instant notifications

You get a notification the moment you receive a new electronic invoice in the app, so you don´t have to worry about late payments.

You also get notifications on your phone when you receive relevant offers for new providers and deals, ensuring that you will never miss out on a chance to save money and get better deals.

Instant notifications

Manage your payments 

Get an overview of your payment history in the app sorted by date and month. If you want to explore a payment further, like invoice details or which bank card you used to pay, you can click on the relevant payment to get the details.

In the Overview you will see all paid and scheduled invoices for the upcoming month, with the total amount summarised. That way you get a better understanding of where your money are going.

Manage your money with Payr

Talk to real people

Being able to talk to real people is a must when it comes to your personal finances. If you have any questions or concerns about Payr you can get in touch with our Customer Support team in several ways: through our in-app chat, email, online chat, email or phone. They are more than happy to help! 

Get in touch→

Talk to real people if you have problems
“Cool that you can pay by taking a picture of the invoice, and it works well. I highly recommend this to friends! "

Claus, Kolbotn

“I would definitely recommend this to my friends! I have at least one or two girlfriends who actively use their bonus points to upgrade their flights and stuff, and then it´s perfect to get more points when paying invoices.”

Kaia, Arendal

“ Incredibly fast and easy. High five!



Hans Petter, Oppegård